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Thread: In Wake Of Flash Mob Attacks, Philadelphia Sets A Curfew For Youth

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    In Wake Of Flash Mob Attacks, Philadelphia Sets A Curfew For Youth

    In Wake Of Flash Mob Attacks, Philadelphia Plans Weekend Curfew Enforcement « CBS Philly

    PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - One week after flash mobs wreaked havoc in center city Philadelphia, the Nutter administration says police this weekend will clamp down by enforcing the city’s existing curfew laws.

    The mayor’s office announced what it being described as “strict” enforcement this weekend of the city’s curfew. That law, which went into effect in 2007, says that anyone under age 14 must be home by 10pm, anyone under 18 must be home by midnight.

    “If they are warned and it looks like they’re not listening, we will take people into custody, identify who they are, and call their parents and have them picked up at the police station,” says Everett Gillison, the city’s deputy mayor for public safety.

    This curfew crackdown is citywide, and fines can range from $250 to $500.

    In addition, Gillison announced additional steps specifically for center city, where last weekend’s flash mob attacks occurred (see related story). This includes additional overtime for longer police shifts, more bike patrols, and mounted horse patrols.

    Meantime, Mayor Nutter, who is wrapping up a two-week vacation, plans a news conference on the subject this coming Monday.

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