wah was the most embarassing thing ever happen to u in school, mine was almost everybody did know me in some way if not personally they know meh cause i used to always get in trouble ,so one day i walkin goin to school i see single file line at the front gate they checkin fuh school badge.i did lost my badge so i say i really aint feel like walkin home to say i cyah go to school cause they aint lettin u in the school without ah badge so them trini principal was stupid,so me an meh partner decide to jump the fence we walk up this hill by the side ha the school jump the fence so both ah we run to we different classes i run in the class an sit down quiet so ppl start to ask how i get in with no badge ah say bad man ting ah ha ranks ah tell them next thing i see meh partner come in meh class tellin meh come the security guard callin meh the man get catch an sell me out yes.so i say flick that i goin an jump back the fence an go home,the man say no ah cyah do that he give the guard my name an everything already i want to beat he ass one time ,so the guard carry we fuh the principal when he say meh hear him nah a a is meh boy ,so some other fellas get catch jumping the fence too so it was like 5 ah we total me meh partner this white boy who we used to call mc guyver an these two others ,the flickin principle make we go up on stage an say why we jump the fence an make we sing the national anthem infront the whole school . ah neva feel so shame in meh life after that stand up on the grass infront the school whole day in the hot sun everybody only passin an laughin/