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Little Desean Noel is in desperate need of an operation for a brain tumour which has almost rendered him immobile and is affecting his eyesight.

The child, who is just shy of his third birthday, urgently needs US$15,000 to have the surgery done at the Community Hospital, Cocorite, Trinidad. Because of the urgency, Dr Richard Spam who saw the child at the Davis Memorial Hospital and agreed to do it, has set April 6 for the operation. He said the sum of money is all-inclusive and the child and his mother would just have to get tickets and accommodation for the mother.

However, because the child's parents, Althiea Sampson and Richard Noel, who reside at 139 First Field Caneville, Grove, East Bank Demerara, have no way of raising that sum of money they are appealing to the public for assistance.

Desean is now a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital. He was admitted last Thursday as his condition has deteriorated and he is in constant pain.

His mother said the boy is her only child and he was "normal" until early last month when he began to suffer from headaches and was vomiting everything he ate. He also had a high fever and was rushed to the hospital where he remained for 19 days.

During that time an MRI scan of the brain was ordered and this was done at St Joseph Mercy Hospital on March 3, revealing a large left frontal tumour that extended into the third ventricle resulting in obstructive hydrocephalus.

"He requires urgent treatment which will involve a section of the tumour. It is likely that once the tumour is cleared he will not require ventriculo-peritoneal shunt. I have advised the parents of the proposed treatment and the urgency," Dr Spam wrote in a letter he gave to the parents.

The mother said that late last year the child had developed an abscess at the back of his head but this was treated by the hospital and they never suspected there was a much larger problem.

Desean is now lying in the hospital bed and according to his mother he is unable to focus on anyone or anything because of the constant pain he is in. The parents have approached the Ministry of Health and First Lady Varshnie Jagdeo's Kids First Fund organisation and now await word on what help would be made available. But time is running out and even though they have set up a bank account they have only managed to raise a little over $200,000 which is a far cry from the US$15,000 they require to save the child's life.

The account is at the New Building Society (NBS) and its number is: D15453. Relatives of the child could be contacted on 643-2654 and 646-0262.