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Thread: uk tek back charge of turks and caicos islands

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    uk tek back charge of turks and caicos islands

    Governor suspends House of Assembly
    THE UK is to seize control of the country which it has described as being in the throes of a national emergency.

    The long awaited interim report from the corruption probe said the Islands had fallen foul to a collection of “chronic ills”.

    In a special broadcast on Monday, Governor Gordon Wetherell said British investigators had found “clear signs” of political amorality, immaturity and incompetence.

    The first step will be to suspend parts of the TCI’s constitution which includes the removal of the entire Cabinet and House of Assembly.

    This is set to take effect upon publication of the final report next month for a period of two years.

    The Governor will assume all ministerial responsibilities assisted by a team of community members to act as an advisory body.

    The much-touted move follows the scandal-plagued Commission of Inquiry during which five Ministers were hauled before public hearings to answer a string of accusations pertaining to crooked dealings and misuse of public funds.

    Premier Michael Misick’s acquisition of his multi-million dollar fortune – in contrast to his declared $50,000 net worth when he took office in 2003 – stole much of the limelight.

    The suspension of the constitution has been met with widespread support from the community, many of whom have been had been calling for the move in the wake of the quest.

    It is not the first time the Islands have seen such drastic action. The UK previously took over administration of the country in 1986 following a damning report by Commissioner Louis Blom-Cooper.

    But few would have predicted the TCI would face a similar fate again little over two decades later.

    The report does not include much anticipated recommendations for criminal proceedings of Ministers said to have profited to the tune of several million dollars.

    But it did reveal that a special prosecutor would be appointed to preside over jury-free trials if they did go ahead. Further details will be announced next month.

    The Governor said the country now faced a major task in getting back on the road to recovery.

    He announced that a financial expert had already been appointed to remedy what he described as the “dire economic situation”.

    A civil recovery team is also set to be put in place in a bid to claw back some of the misused cash which has left the country teetering on the verge of bankruptcy.

    The report contains a total of 24 recommendations which include guidelines for the distribution of Crown land, regular audits of political Parties’ accounts, the granting of work permits and Belongerships and the drafting of a new constitution.

    Publication follows two weeks of “intensive consultations” with UK Ministers and senior officials as to the way forward.

    Commissioner Sir Robin Auld said a “high probability of systemic corruption” had prompted the need for urgent action.

    An order to officially suspend the constitution will be laid before the British Parliament on March 25.

    It may come into effect prior to the release of the final report if “circumstances arise” to justify it.

    Elements to be left in tact include the fundamental rights chapter and provisions relating to the Governor, the courts and the public service.

    The Governor added: “We will be pressing ahead over the next few weeks with preparations to equip ourselves for receipt of the final report at the end of April.

    “I will not hide that we face a major task in putting the Turks and Caicos Islands on the path of renewed economic growth in a framework of accountable and transparent government.

    “I hope that I can count on the continued support, understanding and participation of all Turks and Caicos Islanders as we move forward to ensure that the principles of good governance are restored in the territory.”

    Neither Premier Michael Misick or current PNP leader Galmo Williams could be reached for comment.

    Mr Williams, elected to the top spot last month, previously said he was vehemently opposed to the appointment of an interim administration.

    He told media he would rather see the Opposition in power.
    “There’s no one who can administer the affairs of this country better than its own people,” he added.

    By Gemma Handy

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