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Thread: Two years for stealing DVD player

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    Two years for stealing DVD player

    Two years for stealing DVD player

    By Terresa McCall Text Size

    BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – THE court continues to send strong messages to those individuals who insist on breaking the laws of the land.

    Yesterday (Jan. 20) at the Basseterre High Court of Justice, a 22-year-old was sentenced to serve two years in prison for breaking into a dwelling house and stealing a DVD player.

    Avoiding wasting the court’s time, Elvin Murray pleaded guilty to the “house breaking and larceny” charge brought against him as he stood before His Lordship Justice Francis Belle.

    The young man was accused of breaking into the home of Jovana Davis of Wingfield Road, Old Road and stealing a Toshiba DVD player and a remote control and sealed his fate when, in speaking with police under caution, confessed to committing the act.

    Seemingly repentant of his wrong doing, Murray expressed, “I [am] sorry for what I have done and I hope I won’t do it again…I am going through some bad times right now and I don’t have anyone to count on.”

    Interestingly however, as was revealed during the sentencing hearing, the young man recently began serving an 18-month sentence at Her Majesty’s Prison as comeuppance for the a separate offence of larceny from a dwelling place.

    The young man told the court he lives with his two children and their mother, but noted that could not depend on her for assistance and she is not one to provide such. On prompting however, Murray indicated to the court that the children’s mother does her part in satisfying the needs of the children. He also told the court that he was employed at the time of the commission of the offence.

    His Lordship Justice Francis Belle told Murray that his explanation is unsatisfactory and described the crime to which he pleaded guilty as “a frightful thing”.

    Murray was sentenced to two years imprisonment to run consecutive to the sentence he currently serves. News: Two years for stealing DVD player

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    Hmmm so if him didnt plead guilty the sentencing would have been more outrageous

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