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Thread: Tweeta: your thoughts on this please

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    Black Madonna

    Tweeta: your thoughts on this please

    I thought this was pretty interesting too.

    How Being “Nice” Can Be The Shittiest Thing You Can Possibly Do

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    I read that when you posted it over on the other side but didn't reply because I remembered thinking that his friend gave him silly advice.

    Being nice, or respectful of women isn't the issue... the man just isn't interested in committing to someone and that disappoints any female if they weren't paying attention to the signs while dealing with the guy, or chose not to have that conversation.

    In terms of women not being used to men who are nice or respectful, that is probably true of a lot of females because they seem to hold this belief that these qualities make a guy weak/soft. They want that thug or aggressive dude then wonder why so many dudes are assholes.... they need to wake up.

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