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Thread: TSTT Chutney Parang Soca Calypso Steelpan Warriors

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    TSTT Chutney Parang Soca Calypso Steelpan Warriors

    Poor trini football team. They eh even start to play yet and it have trouble for dem already wit this name change ting. What trini people want. They trying to blight de damn team before they start to play. I mean if they want to take it that far then the sponsors of the team will want to have their name included. Then maybe each player of the tema will want the area that they are from in trinidad to be included. I mean why people getting on so. Now in Trinidad (as far as what i have heard) it is turning into a race ting. Indians want to be included in everyting.

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    Trinis...Soca change?

    still got luv fuh yuh doh...

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