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Thread: A True Friend

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    A True Friend

    A True Friend
    Is one who understands where you have been,
    accepts who you have become
    and loves you unconditionally as you are.
    She does not wish you luck as you step out into the unknown...
    she walks into the void by your side.
    She will not offer distractions
    nor easy advice in your time of need...
    instead she will pray for wisdom, born of compassion
    and a willingness to take your pain upon herself.

    Such a friend will always speak of you when you are not present,
    as though you were,
    and though she may not always share your sunny days,
    she will always be there to help you through the stormy ones.
    She is not skeptical of your blooming,
    nor jealous of your shining apart from her,
    for she seeks not to steal your joy,
    but to multiply it.

    It has been well said that there is no greater
    love than this...
    for a true friend does not take life from you,
    she gives you her own.

    -Gail Copeland-

    ******Just a thank u to my True Friends*******

    And giving others something to reflect on and look forward to

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    I want to be your true friend!!
    But I realize yuh keep saying she she she..........

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