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    Talking Trini Dictionary...Full version

    Ah -Substitute for "I"
    Allyuh -All of you people. A group
    Ax (Ask). -To ask a question
    Aye-yah-yie -An expression of anticipation or pain, etc.
    Bacchanal -Scandal, heavy quarreling, big party, confusion
    Back chat -Insolent response, especially from a child to an adult
    Bad eye(cut-eye) -A look of anger, especially when looking from the
    corner of the eye
    Ba-John -A bully or a really tough customer
    Bamsee -The rear end, what you sit on
    Bam-se Lambe -Rather attractive bamsee
    Bol'face -A pushy person, unreasonably demanding
    Broughtupsy -Showing that a person was properly brought up, decorum
    Buh wait nah -But wait a minute, now hold on/it
    Callaloo -A thick soup made from dasheen leaves, ochroes, coconut
    milk, seasoned to taste, invariably includes crab
    Calypso -A musical and lyrical comment on any subject, usually
    composed for, but not limited to, the Carnival season
    Calypsonian One who sings calypsoes
    Cheups(Steups) -A noise made by sucking your teeth
    Chinkee -Very tiny portions of anything
    Chupid -Stupid
    Chupidee -A foolish person
    Coki-eye -Cross-eyed
    Commesse -Confusion associoated with arguments, gossip and slander
    Cuff -Hitting someone or something with a clenched fist
    Cyah -Can't
    Da is you? -Is that you?
    Dan-dan -Any sharp looking outfit
    Dat good for yuh -Serves you right
    Dat -That
    Doh -Don't
    Dotish -Silly, stupid, foolish and dumb
    Dougla -Mixture of East Indians and African parentage
    Drevait(dree-vay) -Wayward person who likes to "knock about"
    Eh -What did you say?
    Eh-eh -No, no way, oh no
    Eh-heh -Oh really? I understand. Yes
    En'less -Plenty, endless
    Ent? -Is that not so? That's true, isn't it?
    Fall out -To stop speaking with someone or to terminate a friendship
    Faddah -Father
    Fed up -The state of being bored
    Fete -A party, loud music, lots to eat and drink, dancing to wee
    hours of the morning
    Flim -Film
    Founkie(foong-key) -Foul-smelling, stink odour
    Fuh true/troot? -Yes that is true. Is that really so?
    Goin'orf -Someone who appears to be going out of their mind, acting
    Gun talk -Fighting words, to threaten verbally
    Gyul - Girl
    Harden -Disobedient
    Hototo(hotoetoe) -A very large amount of anything
    I eh payin' tax fuh mih mout' -I could say anything I want
    In ting -To be involved in current activity
    Is so? -Is that so?
    Jeez-an-ages -Used for any reason where an outburst is appropriate
    Jook -To stab at anything
    Jumbie -Spirit, ghost
    Jus'now -In a little while
    Jus'so? -Just like that?
    Jus'so -Out of the blue, totally unexpected
    Ketch -Catch
    Klim -Any brand of powdered milk
    Lef dat -Leave that
    Leh -Let, let's
    Leh go -Let go
    Leh we -Let us
    Lick dong -To accidentally hit someone or something
    Licks -A beating, physical punishment
    Like t'ing -To be somewhat mischievous
    Lil'bit -In small meaningless portions
    Lime -When a small group of people engage in a sometimes
    pre-arranged activity
    Long eye -A person who is envious of the possessions of others
    Look nuh! -An expression of annoyance
    Maco -A person who minds other people's business for the purpose of
    Macocious -A person having the trait of a maco
    Maga -Very thin, skinny
    Mamaguy -To make fun of, to ridicule
    Mama Yo! -Expression denoting shock and surprise
    Matter Fix -Everything is well organized
    Mih han' slip -An expression used when too much of an ingredient is
    Mooma -Mother
    Mout'er -A boaster
    Much up -To pamper, to butter up
    Nah -No
    Nastiness -An expression of disgust applied to a good-for-nothing
    Never see come see -Someone who has recently been exposed to
    something new and who overdoes it to ridiculous proportions
    Ning ning -Tired eyes
    Now fuh now -Instantly
    Nowherian -A person who does not have any fixed place of abode
    Obzokee -Awkward in appearance, anything bent or twisted out of
    Oh geed! -An expression used when an offensive smell arises
    OH gosh!-
    Oh gorm man!-
    Oh shimps man!- These are all expressions denoting shock, surprise
    indignation and admiration
    Ol' talk -Idle chatter, social chit-chat
    One set ah -A lot of anything
    Own-way -Stubborn person
    Pallet -Frozen lolly
    Papa yo! -Exclamation of surprise
    Pesh -Money
    Pissin' tail -A person of no class or importance
    Planasse -To hit someone continuously with the flat part of a
    Playin' social -Someone who pretends to be of a higher social strata
    than they are
    Pong -Pound
    Po-po -Very small child, baby
    Prim-prim -Disgustingly proper and formal
    Quenk -An irritating person
    Qualey -Withered, dried up
    Raff -To grab suddenly
    Ragadang -Broken down
    Ram-cram -Packed to capacity
    Rumfle -Ruffled or wrinkled
    Saga boy/girl -Flashy dresser, dandy
    Shades -Sunglasses
    Shif' yuh carcass -Move over, get going
    Shub -Shove, move or cast aside
    Skinnin' yuh teet' -Grinning
    Skin up yuh nose -To turn up one's nose at anything
    Sometimeish -Moody
    Strims -Shrimps
    Sweetie -Any confectionary
    Swell up yuh face -To look angry, to pout
    Tabanca -The forlorn feeling one gets when a love affair is over
    Tanty -Aunt
    Tight -Intoxicated, drunk, stoned
    T'ing -Thing
    To besides -Besides which
    Too-tool-bay -A confused state,in a daze, also head over heels in
    Tot tots -Female breasts
    Umpteen -Plenty of anything
    Vampin' -An offensive smell
    Vaps -To suddenly behave excitedly or in a strange manner
    Wajang -A roudy, uncouth person
    Warap -A very weak mixture
    Well yes! -An expression of disbelief
    Whappen? -What's the matter with you?
    Wha-happenin' dey? -What's happening
    Whey -Where
    Whey yuh say? -What did you say?
    Yampee -Mucus, found in the corner of the eye
    You an' all? -You too?
    You so -People like you
    Yuh faddah head -An expression of annoyance
    Yuh faddah is a glassmaker? -You are blocking my view.
    Yuh look fuh dat -It's your own fault
    Yuh makin' joke! -You can't be serious!
    Zug-up -A rough and uneven cutting of anything
    If more than 5 of these words are unfamiliar to you, YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY NOT A TRUE TRINI!!!!!!
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