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    Thank You

    Well first I would like to say Thankyou to ################reegal, I hope I spelled it right, But anyway, Thankyou for taking me out Friday and Sunday, I had a great time, I know you was tired driving all the way back, but gyal you had to deal with it. ################reegal real get on bad on friday, she crazy..:) Thank you Tony Tempo for my Shirt.
    To Everyone Else, I hear Brass and Glow had alot of people, I know all yuh had fun, plenty people ringing up my phone telling me about it...Im glad allyuh had a good time.

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    RE: Thank You

    gyal u mean to tell me all damn time we spent dis weekend u stil cant spell dey name right????!!!:o lol. just kidding.:) and thanks for call me and telin me u reach!! I go give u some lash latah.gyral i had a great time this weekend as well. LIES LIES LIES!!!!! yall dont believe ILuveSoca!!!! I dont dance at fetes!! Ask Tony Tempo he'll tell yall!! ILuvSoca was dey one gettin on bad, cheatin on Dragon when we went to see Machel on Friday!!! and oh my god I dont even want to tell yal bout Sunday at dey Glow!!!!I get pictures, I have proof!!!!! But gal we go do it again real soon.Big up to Tony Tempo all dey time for dey sick, sick, sick tunes he was playin for Satday and Sunday. Big up TriniMafia and Hotpepasauce who was down here too.Hotpepa I think I was dialin dey wrong cell number!!! Cocorite what happen ??!!! U was fetein so hard u feget bout we :)!!! But I had a great time down here.I here sittin at me desk singin dey tunes and dey ppl hear lookin at me like me crazy:)!!ahhhhhhhh... carnival(sigh). See yall for dey party in July!!!

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