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Thread: Suspect in the gruesome beheadings in Trini caught.

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    Thumbs up Suspect in the gruesome beheadings in Trini caught.

    Suspect held in gruesome south murders
    By Akile Simon and Camille Bethel

    THE main suspect wanted by police in connection with the gruesome murders of Diane Williams and her ten-year-old son, Shaquille Morgan, was arrested yesterday by police at Mt D'or Road in Champs Fleurs.

    The suspect, who cut his Rastafarian hairstyle and managed to successfully evade capture by police for several weeks, was held in a vehicle which was travelling out of Mt D'or Road. On Friday afternoon, officers from the Northern Division Task Force and the Criminal Intelligence Unit (CIU) went to a house at upper Mt D'or Road where they spotted the suspect.

    As the lawmen approached, he ran through a back door and escaped into hilly, forested terrain. Officers later mounted a massive hunt for him but he could not be found.

    Acting Snr Supt Martinez head of the CIU initiated a second exercise in the area around 2.a.m., yesterday and intercepted a motor vehicle.

    The lawmen surrounded the car and called on the suspect to surrender. Without putting up a fight, the suspect, who lived at Navet Road, Mon Repos, San Fernando, emerged from the vehicle with his hands in the air and was taken into custody.

    CIU cops said they had the suspect's trail under intense surveillance which led them to a house at Mt D'or in which the man once shared with a former girlfriend.

    A Mt D'or resident commended the police for their action, saying the villagers were not aware that the suspect was hiding out in their community.

    "He's lucky that the police caught him before we did. When we hear he was up here yesterday (Friday) and he get away from police, we went to look for him we self. Had we catch up with him before the police, he woulda be ah dead man walking," the villager told the Sunday Express.

    The headless, armless and legless bodies were found on July 26 wrapped in black plastic bags. Relatives identified the victim by her jewelry, dreadlocks and a tattoo on her left arm. Body parts of the victims were found at the Marabella Train, line and the Claxton Bay dump.

    The suspect, police said, was handed over to Ag Snr Supt David Abraham and officers of the Region III Homicide Bureau. Up to late last evening he remained in custody at the San Fernando Police Station.

    Suspect held in gruesome south murders | Trinidad Express Newspaper | News
    Man ah Barbeerian bound tuh be by de bar beer in meh hand beastly cold.

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    Good the police could try to get some information from him about who else involved and the motive/s behind this wicked act. This is why police must not play judge, jury and executioner, ALL(not just the killer) involved must face the law.

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