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Thread: St Lucian actor Joseph Marcell was inducted into the Black Heroes Hall of Fame

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    St Lucian actor Joseph Marcell was inducted into the Black Heroes Hall of Fame

    Joseph Marcell inducted into the black Heroes Hall of Fame
    By Alistair Abrahams

    On Friday, April 13 all superstitions were forgotten at the Hackney Empire Theatre in the heart of the East end of London, when St Lucian actor Joseph Marcell was inducted into the Black Heroes In the Hall of Fame in front of a full capacity crowd who had come to watch the hit play, that has been wowing British audiences.

    It was an historic night full of pomp and pride for St Lucians from all walks of life who cheered enthusiastically as Marcell was invited onstage and honored with his induction into the Black Heroes Hall of Fame in recognition of his immense contribution to the acting profession.

    St Lucian born playwright and actor JD Douglas who is one of the founders, creators and producers of Black Heroes In the Hall of Fame welcomed Marcell with the following words: “To be inducted into the Black Heroes Hall of Fame, your contribution must be unique and everlasting. So what has Joseph Marcell done to achieve such an accolade?

    “He was born on the island St Lucia. He is the first Black actor to star in his own TV sit-com on British Television, Fancy Wanders in 1981. He starred in the first Black British soap opera, Empire Road, he is a noted Shakespearian scholar, director and actor and has appeared on all the classical stages in the world including The National Theatre and the Shakespearian memorial Theatre at Stratford-upon-Avon. He is loved the world over as Geoffrey in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Ladies and gentlemen The Hall of Fame welcomes and celebrates the achievements of Mr Joseph Marcell.”

    It was truly a St Lucian night as Marcell and Douglas were joined on stage by another unsung but prominent St Lucian hero Crispin St Hill. St Hill is a member of the legal Services Commission, a Justice of the Peace and former Deputy Leader of Waltham Forest Council. The theater erupted into rapturous applause as the three, who were joined by two other St Lucian members of the cast, Chrystle Gajadar and Kyra Simone, stood on stage proudly waving their national flag among the sixty strong cast.

    Marcell took the microphone and expressed surprise at the honor. The most recognized St. Lucian face on the planet, the boy from Fulachud, stood next to the famous. Rosa Parks, Billie Holiday, Alexander Puskin the black man described as the father of Russian literature, Dr Charles Drew the man whose invention of Blood plasma storage techniques saved millions of British lives in the second world war were all there.

    It was a night for all St Lucians to feel proud and celebrate a historic moment. Twenty years ago Flip Fraser, Douglas and Kareem Jamal had the idea to create a stage musical pageant called Black Heroes in the Hall of Fame. Douglas took on the duties of writing the script and dialogue whilst writing the music fell to Kareem Jamal. They could not have envisaged the impact and success their production would have.

    This unique stage musical pageant charts five thousand years of Black History and recognizes the contribution of the descendants of African people. It is the only show of its type in the world and has been described as a live Madame Toussauds, named after the famous London wax works. It pays tribute to the great Kings and Queens of Africa, to freedom fighters including Toussaint L’Ouveture the creator of the world’s first Black Republic, Nanny and Cudjoe of the Jamaican Maroons. The great sports personalities include Sir Garfield Sobers, Muhammad Ali and Britain’s greatest female Olympian Kelly Holmes who is played by London born, St Lucian singer and actress Kyra Simone.

    In this grand and unique production we see the great debate one of the highlights of the show. Four of the greatest black orators take to the stage to address the audience on the current issues and topics of the day and to promote their philosophies––Marcus Garvey wants to know why Black women have ignored their beauty and are Europeanising themselves––Martin Luther King has a dream that young Black men will get an education and stand up to their responsibility of fatherhood–– Nelson Mandela and Malcolm X bring the audience to their feet with their views on the current issues affecting Black life, including aids and the sad trend of black on black killings all over Britain.

    The show is a must see. Since it started Angela Davis has been to see her self on stage, Natalie Cole came to thank the late Sol Raye for his dignified portrayal of her father Nat , One of Marcus Garvey’s son has been, the late Frankie Gaye played his brother Marvin and his family loved the show. Stevie Wonder has been as well.

    Belinda Ali after seeing the portrayal of her former husband Muhammad, took their son John Ali to see what his father looked like at his peak. These were her words. The list is endless. British Parliamentarian and member for Hackney and Stoke Newington the Honorable Diane Abbot has been seen the show several times in its current run.

    The presentation of personalities from all walks of life including Oprah Winfrey, Diana Ross, Steve Biko, the Williams Sisters, Tu Pac Shakur, Kwame Nkrumah the first man to take an African country to independence is delivered to a backdrop of pulsating music as a wealth of information is delivered in an informative and imaginative way.

    Did you know that Garret Morgan the man who invented the traffic lights was Black and that he also invented the gas mask? Did you know that the great, great, grandmother of Queen Victoria was Queen Charlotte Sophia and that she was black? Currently on a national tour of Britain with plans for the Caribbean it would be a shame if St. Lucia is not a part of the tour.

    Note: Alistair Abrahams is the Sub-editor Sunday Mirror Newspaper.

    Caption: British Member of Parliament, the Honourable Dawn Butler,
    congratulates J D Douglas

    Caption: Left to right: Chris St Hill, Joseph Marcell, JD Douglas

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    Big Up!

    Big Up To Mr. Marcelle...I hope this can be either motivation or inspiration for other caribbean youths

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    NICE! Congrats to Mr. Marcelle.

    I love him on Fresh Prince.
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    Thumbs up

    I would like to Thank all the fake haitians, who came out during the west-indian parade, but who has no roots to Haiti island ,and no haitian accent !!!!!!
    Thanks again see you phony people next year !!!!!!! ,2013.

    (Ayisien,we going to build it nice after the earthq"ke,R.i.p)

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