Rich in a Troubled Time - the Video

His bio states that the sound of Trinidadian steel drums are reinvented and combined with contemporary pop music to create the global fusion that is the outcome of his approach - and that he is an accomplished steel panist, singer and songwriter who continues to push the boundaries of modern music with his very own brand of global music, which is “steel drum textured, vocal layered and steeped in the traditions of American Rock, Funk, R&B, and Jazz.”

All of the above is very true - but there is much more to Gregory Boyd - the artist. He has that intangible and unquantifiable quality that makes one go “wow.”

Known as a “Steel Drums and Funk” recording artist, composer and steel panist Gregory Boyd speaks on his newly-released video “Rich in a Troubled Time” in an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks (WST).

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