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Thread: Sick news out of Trinidad--Updated .. They caught the person

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    Sick news out of Trinidad--Updated .. They caught the person

    I don't know if someone post this .. if so let me know

    Monster at large
    Boy, 6, buggered with canestalk, killed
    Richard Charan

    Wednesday, March 29th 2006

    Right: Sean Luke, six, who was found buggered to death yesterday in a cane field near the family's home in Orange Valley, Couva.

    BUGGERED until dead, the body of little Sean Luke was found in a canefield near his home at Orange Valley, Couva, yesterday.

    The six-year-old, a United States citizen, would have felt no fear, smiling and laughing with the predator until he was stripped of his clothing and killed in a most agonising way.

    Pathologist Dr Eastlyn Mc Donald Burris found during a preliminary examination yesterday that the killer inserted a sugarcane stalk into the boy's rectum, and pushed it until it reached the child's throat.

    His intestines were ruptured and other organs damaged.

    He died from internal bleeding.

    Further tests were ordered.

    His family was yesterday battling an unfathomable grief over his agonising death and anger over what they described as the "criminal" lack of response by police officers who failed to help them find the infant in the crucial first hours.

    It was left up to residents to search the canefields around the home, and only after the discovery of Sean's underwear and short pants, did the police intervene with a searchlight-equipped helicopter and dogs.

    Sean's naked corpse was found at around 6.45 a.m. yesterday.

    He was lying on his side, one hand cupping the right side of the face.

    His chest appeared battered and his face was decomposing.

    Sean is the third boy to be buggered and killed.

    In May 1998, 11-year-old Akiel Chambers was found at the bottom of a swimming pool in a Maraval home.

    He had been buggered before his death.

    Last February, 12-year-old Dane Andrews was found dead in a pond near his home, also buggered.

    The cases were never solved.

    Exactly when Sean, a pupil of the Orange Valley Hindu School, was last seen alive is unsure.

    However, his mother, Pauline Lum Fai, 43, said she became concerned when he could not be found at around 3 p.m.

    She showed the Daily Express the room where she slept with her "angel" son at their Henry St, Orange Valley, home and his favourite pet turtle named Duffy.

    Sunday, she said, was like any other day.

    "He helped me cook. He brought the seasoning. He grind it up. Did his little chores. He stayed with me until 12 (noon)."

    She said the two took a nap but when she awoke, he was not there.

    "I tell myself I going to take a shower and get him to do some studies. I couldn't find him. Everybody knows who he goes by, I went there. Nobody saw Sean. My search lasted until half past seven."

    Lum Fai said she went to the police station and was told to wait as the Anti Kidnapping Unit would be there in 20 minutes.

    "They didn't come. I could not wait. I wanted to find my son. I waited until 12 (midnight) going on 1 (a.m.). I was angry and scared."

    Lum Fai said she decided to check the home of her son's father in Aripo after the police declined to help her.

    "He (the father) said no. And that was it! We came back home, searched all night with torch lights. No police yet!"

    On Monday, Lum Fai went to the US Embassy "because I wanted to let them know about their citizen. Only then did things start happening (and) the police called me".

    Lum Fai said that even up to Monday evening, a police officer at the Couva station told her "we are wasting the AKS time. We will have to pay for that because this is not serious".

    An intensive police search began on Monday night when a search party led by a neighbour, Nehemiah Ramdhanie, found Sean's clothing.

    A tracker dog did not find Sean that night, but two dogs brought yesterday made the discovery, not 200 feet from the family's home.

    Lum Fai said her village had never known such crime, and children were free to roam the village without fear. She said her child could easily have been led away.

    "He was friendly and he was brave and sweet. He would talk to anyone. If a stranger came up, he would talk away like they were best friends."

    Lum Fai said she wanted the killer found because "I want to look into the face of the person who did this to my son and who had the heart to do this".

    Sean's brother, Daniel Lum Fai, said the AKS visited the family at the police station but said they had another case to deal with.

    Police are investigating reports that a security guard working near the Orange Valley fishing depot, was seen playing with a boy matching Sean's description on Sunday evening, and dropping him off in a vehicle at around 6 p.m.

    Inspector Fitzgerald George and a team of homicide investigators visited the home yesterday.

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    i seriously just threw up a lil in my mouth

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    You worserer than I Essiquibo's Avatar Essiquibo is offline
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    dragon, this is really horrible. to the point where maybe it shouldnt be posted. oh god.

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    ah like chupidness limintrinibwoy's Avatar limintrinibwoy is offline
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    LAWD FADDAH GAWD....please put ah han bettah yet 2 ovah dah contry!! d devil busy inna trinidad and tobago

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    this is terrible!!! what a way to die! so sad

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    :what kind of person does that to another..........let alone a child! I am absolutely disgusted! I thinking what if that was one of my cousins or my God son, I can't imagine what the parents are going through!
    Those Who Sacrifice Freedom for Security Deserve Neither

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    Mad Scorpion
    Sick doesn't even begin to describe the animal that could do this!

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    I hope they whomever did it and torture him in the same manner!

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    not ur friend... da_ice's Avatar da_ice is offline
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    damn thats really heart goes out to that family......whats really facked up is de way police handling thing. total disgrace. dey really need to start looking into de police service now cause dey just making thing worst by not doing anything now.

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    quite obscene indeed


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    There Are No Words To Express How That Just Made Me Feel.

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    Yuh really want to know?!
    Quote Originally Posted by da_ice
    damn thats really heart goes out to that family......whats really facked up is de way police handling thing. total disgrace. dey really need to start looking into de police service now cause dey just making thing worst by not doing anything now.
    omg, that is absolute madness...and i totally agree with you...imagine a police in the us telling the parent of a missing child that "it not serious"

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    I find something like this so hard to be true. If in fact this did happen, the culprit should be stoned to death.

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    wow That is sick and disgusting and various other adjectives.. who on earth would do that?

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    if ah rude ah rude 1trini-gyal's Avatar 1trini-gyal is offline
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    This is facking out of hand...this story have me here child is 6...ah could not even begin to imagine the pain the family is feeling...that a facking ridiculous...and how de franc de police go tell she she need to pay because she wasting they time and it is not that serious and she child was missing...I woulda end up in jail dat night eh...WTF?!?!?!?!

    when I have my child in Trini or anywhere...I does be on she like white on family does tell me give she room...let she run and play dis ent america...fack dat...I would hold a grown man and kill him wit meh lil hands if dey woulda ever touch my child...this world really really need some prayer PEOPLE SICK!!!

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