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    Thumbs down Sexuality

    Now that the Carnival season is over, and those who just coming back from Trini recuperating, I have to comment on the lack of decency coming from the band Legends. Don't they know that leaving something to the imagination is the sexiest thing a woman or man could do.

    We have claimed that Trinidad Carnival is the Greatest Show on Earth. We watch Poison, Harts, Trini Revelers etc and we se MAS! Beautiful women who exude sexuality and tempt all our senses. We see wonderful, sexy men, that some women in this world only dream about. We don't need to see bare nipples and private parts to enjoy the Carnival season.

    I know that I will definitely hit some nerves with this, but I would like to here some of your views on this.

    We are Trinidad Carnival not "RIO" OR "MARDI GRAS" Lets keep Trinidad Carnival as beautiful, sexy and stimulating as it has always been. Lets not take away from that.
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