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Thread: Seeing someone lose weight too fast.....

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    Seeing someone lose weight too fast.....

    Disturbs me. Unless your name is crackhead jack or you have the "Luther and Oprah Diet"....I find it very weird for you to be 220 three months ago and 150 now. Dropping weight that fast cannot be heathly at all. I'm probably exaggerating but that's what my moms friend looks like. I think something is wrong. my mom asks her if she was healthy and she insits that she is. But im weird like that. I look into things deeply and make cruel assumptions in my head. I try to stop thinking this but i can't help but think that her husband gave her aids. He's a polygamist(like plenty women) by default. And she has been acting very funny. She didnt show up at my mom's surprise party. this is not any old friend. they grew up in GT together. and she had a million excuses as to why she hasn't been around.
    anyway. just thought i'd share an observation. take care of yourselves people.

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