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Thread: Scam artists capitalize on tragedy

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    U.S. skies to reopen at 11 a.m. EDT

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    Scam artists capitalize on tragedy

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Sep-13-01 AT 10:19 AM (EST)[/font][p]Consumer protection advocates are warning Internet users that scam artists are trying to take advantage of Tuesday’s terrorist attacks. Spam solicitations have been sent out urging Netizens to donate money to the Red Cross or other relief organizations. But the e-mails direct potential donors to private Web sites apparently designed to steal credit card numbers.

    ONE SUCH E-MAIL discovered by the non-profit consumer group “SpamCom Foundation” arrives from “” with the subject line “Help for the Red Cross and the victims of our Nations tragedy.” But instead of linking to a Red Cross site, the e-mail sends visitors to a privately-held Web site.
    While the site mentioned in the “expressrelieffund2001” is no longer operational, an expert warns that there are already several variations of the scam.
    “It’s shocking to anyone. But this kind of thing is not new in the spam world,” said Tom Geller, executive director of the SpamCom Foundation. ” ‘WTC spams’ appeared within an hour of the World Trade Center disaster.”
    Another scam mail urges consumers to buy phone cards with images of the New York City, promising to donate “donate 10% of the proceeds of the sale of this commemorative card” to victims.

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