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Thread: Richard, Why Don't You Like Obama?

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    Richard, Why Don't You Like Obama?

    He has sided with your party more than he did to ours.

    He extended the tax cuts

    He has oppointed ex Wall Street guys to his cabinet.

    He hasn't closed down Gitmo

    He implemented a Republican insurance idea.

    He started a war in Libya

    The guy is a Republican.

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    Obama is an educated Rev Al, an opportunist. Talk ah BIG game but only out for him. The man asked the American to vote for him so he can fix the problems “BUSH “made during his 8yrs in office. It has been two plus yrs and it has gotten worst, an all these Effin sheep saying is vote for him so he can be ah two term president. I will say till I blue in the face. If this was sports or Wall Street Obama would be fired for no producing. but sadly its American politricks and if yuh doh vote for Obama re-election you are racist or uncle tom … Mr. President we want job not union TEN DAYS

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