The scoop from jolly old England is that Eminem enjoyed romps in the sack with not only his ex-wife Kim, but her girlfriends as well. Em's uncle, Todd Nelson, told British TV giant Sky One that the rapper often got the leftovers whenever Kim brought girls home after a night on the town.

In "The Real Slim Shady" documentary Todd claims that "Kim has a sexual hold on him because of her bisexuality. She brings women home and puts them in bed with her, and when Marshall comes in he doesn't come home to just Kim -- he comes home to whatever's in bed." Thank goodness she didn't have a habit of bringing home stray dogs!

Also revealed in the doc by Kim's cousin, Jennifer Watkins, is the disturbing news that his ex-wife often calls Eminem "Rat boy" because she thinks he looks like a drowned rodent. "Their marriage was straight out of Jerry Springer," Watkins said. "'I hate my husband and he hates me but we love each other.'" She also revealed some startling dirt on Eminem's brief fling with Mariah Carey last year, claiming that he dumped her because she was jealous of his little girl Hailie.