The reason I asked to be Suspended is because I know myself and lately island mix has gone to the dogs with a capital D. I remember the old imix when the members would come on and talk bare shite and more shite and disagree, agree and agree to disagree, but now it is like everyone has a point to prove.

As for me I have no friends (with the exceptions of 4 people) here on imix, I know a lot of people but that as far as it goes. Since I have been on imix we always had people that were closer than other but not to the extent were it is now. If you donít agree or like something someoneís said you should be able to say your point without worrying that a gang off people is going to jump down you throat.

Now there are some members that felt they needed to tell me off for what ever reason, which is fine, but I could never understand why people that have no contact with you feel they can tell you about you self.

I feel that if everyone would stop watching one another and sending off negative vibes maybe they can use that energy in a positive way and improve themselves.

Remember that everybody has an opinion and that we donít need to accept it but just respect it.

Individuality is a nice word that we should all remember.