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Thread: Pssst: Sneak a peek into Imix in Vogue

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    Pssst: Sneak a peek into Imix in Vogue

    Besides the fact that its been buzzin with it's usual fashion/beauty imixers, make a pass through and lime Imix in Vogue! By the way fellas, don't be afraid there is always something for you as well! Keep the posts coming by the way..

    Here's a peek to what's inside:

    Tell us what's on your Christmas list for you and for all in:

    Give us a sneak peek to what's in yuh bag, yes we are now PEEPIN YOU *heehee*:

    Are you or is yuh a girlfriend sporting the Bold jewlery, Do you love it BIG or are small:

    Laverne n' Shirley are back: Have you seen the Monogram craze hitting stores everywhere, tell me if you're feeling this Initial Creation in :
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