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Thread: Police beating Guyanese in Barbados

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    Police beating Guyanese in Barbados

    Guyanese in Barbados worried about police beatings
    May 28, 2013 · By Staff Writer · 8 Comments Next Article »

    (Barbados Nation) – The issue of police allegedly beating confessions out of people in their custody is a worry not only for Barbadians, but for the Guyanese community as well.

    Vice-president of the Guyanese Association of Barbados, Samuel Legay, an attorney at law, told the Daily Nation there was a growing number of Guyanese making allegations of being beaten by police.

    “It is not only an issue for Barbadians but non-nationals as well.

    These allegations remain an issue and I agree with the former president of the Barbados Bar Association that we need video cameras implemented so that when a person is brought to the police custody, one can see what has transpired up until the time the person is charged or released.

    “Persons, both local and Guyanese, have alleged that they have been subjected to police beatings to get them to say certain things,” he said.

    Guyanese in Barbados worried about police beatings - Stabroek News - Georgetown, Guyana

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    Yuh could still fix yuh thread title yuh know.

    A great title fix would be, Police in Barbados beating Guyanese and Bajans.
    Man ah Barbeerian bound tuh be by de bar beer in meh hand beastly cold.

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