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Thread: Poison -Prurience Section

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    Poison -Prurience Section

    For those interested in playing w/ this section, below is an exerpt of an e-mail I just received:

    Hi and Thank you for signing up with Prurience.

    We have filled this Platinum section very fast this year and have already reached our target amount of members in this section. Because it is not even Christmas, we have added an additional 100 costumes to the section.

    We have also added a bonus J’Ouvert Band that will not cross any judging stations but will lime around the St. Clair and Upper St. James area. We will be using unique glow in the dark fluorescent body paint. This too will be an all-inclusive band, meaning paint and drinks included. We will have a Music truck moving with us as well.

    If you are a member of Prurience you may join for $100TT, if you are not than it is $200TT.

    Due to the fact that we have filled up so quickly we must ask that everyone who has registered online but has not yet paid a deposit do so before the 25th of December. xThank you for your interest in Prurience and Galvanize Entertainment!

    FYI - the Secrets section is already sold out.

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    RE: What do u love most about...

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    RE: Poison -Prurience Section

    ...that fluorescent body paint thing for jouvert sounding nice!!

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