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Thread: Parents interesting topic for you all.....Please Enter

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    Parents interesting topic for you all.....Please Enter

    In my "Welfare Of Children" class, we discussed some interesting things that I had no clue about. Our professor told us the story of his friend who's daughter was killed the other day by a train that hit the car.

    So when she went for insurance money or whatever for the funeral and stuff, and they started asking her a bunch of questions about her daughter like, what type of student was she, and asked if anyone in her family ever graduated from high school or went off to college or n eting.

    Basically they were pricing her daughter to see what 'type' of life she would have lived if she was still alive, about how much they are worth, or how much they would make if the lived to the future and ting nah. Like if you tell them you live in the ghetto, or no one finished school in your family, they figure your child would follow the same lifestyle or path, they don't think that they would break the pattern so to say and graduate from high school go off to college and become a doctor or lawyer or something.

    So this classmate of mine who works for CPS or someting so said "Do any of you all have insurance on your children?

    If you do its a very wise choice you made....not saying that you all who do not have insurance on your children made stupid or watevr choices but....maybe you just know details or the pros of doin so."

    what do you all think about this?

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    Yeah, it's kind of messed up, but that is the job of an adjuster, to make a tangible estimate of what was lost in monetary value. What potential was lost to pay those left behind. But while guesstimating might work for the averages, you never know if that person had the next big opportunity.

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