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Thread: The Original Engine Room

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    The Original Engine Room

    Not to take anything away from the genius of pan, Brasillian batacuda, Afro Cuban descarga....this is the roots.

    One of my favorite CDs of 2014

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    That is nothing like a steelband Engine Room my friend. For starters they are using western electronic instruments as well as microphone amplification which is not needed or used by a regular steelband engine room.

    Here is a proper engine room buddy!

    The Laventille Rhythm Section - Fire Up De Rhythm

    A dynamic performance from the most famous rhythm section in Trinidad and Tobago, The Laventille Rhythm section.

    And here is Point Fortin Rhythm Section!


    In summary, we don't need to copy from Africa as we have evolved our very own things musically here in the Caribbean. In fact the Africans have been able to evlove their music by copying from us rather than the other way round.
    Also keep in mind that many of the Africans sold their brother and sisters into slavery to the Europeans for a pound of salt so why should we give them credit for all the music that we have evolved here in the Caribbean?

    Here is another Rhythm Section aka Engine Room, there is one for almost every area in T&T.

    Evolve Rythym Section
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