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Thread: One final thought...

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    One final thought...

    i got this letter through someone at school and i thought that this was very interesting in light of the events of arrests and targeting taking place today. i think it's important for all of us to realize that we can not target one group simply because we think that's the type of person that did it. after the oklahoma city bombing all that was said was that it was some radical islamic group that did it and who did it turn out to be? A man that had stood up and fought for this nation in a time of war. we will never know who did it until the investigation is over but i'm afraid that in the minds and hearts of many, the investigation is already over.
    ____________________________________________________________ _____
    Dear friends,
    Words are insufficient to describe the terrible evil that took place today. Our thoughts and our hearts go out to all of the victims and their families.
    However, in the midst of this great tragedy, we need to be vigilant to another danger that threatens our country and society. Driving home around 1 pm today, I heard a caller on a popular Philadelphia radio station. A woman commenting on the day's horrors spoke movingly about her shock and sorrow. Then, she went on to say that she "wasn't racist or a hater or political or anything like that" but that "she knew whose fault it was." She said it was "all of those people that they keep on letting into the country", referring to Arab-Americans. Those of us who listened to the radio or watched TV today know that this woman is not alone in her views.
    Nobody can say what the investigations will eventually conclude, but hours after this horrific tragedy, many in the media and the public have already decided it is Arabs and Muslims who are to blame. Unfortunately, if history holds true, the American public will have difficulty distinguishing between Arab terrorists and American citizens of Arab descent. Sadly enough, our nation's reaction to attack from abroad (whether military or economic) sometimes includes attacking our own citizens as accessible proxies for enemies overseas.
    The WWII internment camps, the beating death of Vincent Chin, the racial profiling of Wen Ho Lee, the harassment of Chinese restaurant owners by popular radio hosts during the spy plane incident all stand as testament to this nation's self-destructive tendency.
    As a people who have been on the receiving end of this insidious
    thinking, we must speak up when other groups are targeted in the same manner. This week while we mourn together, comfort and support one another, let us also remember to speak out when our fellow Americans are unfairly blamed and slandered. To defame others in ignorance is cause for great sadness; to stand by enlightened is cause for shame. Let us look back and be proud of
    how this nation stood together in a time of crisis in unity.
    ____________________________________________________________ ____
    Once again, my sincerest sympathy goes out to all those that have been affected by these tragedies. And while we think about NY, let's also remember that several hundred have also lost their lives in DC. May they all rest in peace and may God be with us all.

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    RE: One final thought...

    Sadly it just re-enforces anti immigrant sentiments around the U.S. I spoke with a black american friend(I thought) that I've known for years and to my surprise she told me that america's problem is that they let any and everybody come to the u.s. Those of us born abroad know how far from the truth that is. If you've had any dealings with immigration you know how harsh they can be. It's another sad symptom of the disease of ignorance and racism. What was encouraging was Jesse Jacksons(I'm not a staunch supporter, but he has his good points) statement when he said "america was alienating itself from the world", and that shouldn't be the case. What's even more sad is that it's probably mostly immigrants and decendants of immigrants who died at the wtc yesterday.

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