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Thread: Ok This Sars Thing Is Being Taken A Little To Far

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    Ok This Sars Thing Is Being Taken A Little To Far

    SARS restriction upsets Square One - Sunday 11, May-2003
    TOP LOCAL band Square One is playing an unhappy tune.
    New SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) regulations by the Ministry of Education, which restrict students and teachers who have been to, or who live with someone who has visited a SARS-infected country, have the group in trouble.

    Square One is due to undertake a three-city tour of Canada this weekend and, under the new regulations, the members of the band with children at school will either have to remove the children from school for ten days or have no contact with their families for ten days following their return.

    The letter issued by the Ministry of Education has listed Canada, China, Hong Kong, the United States, Singapore, Vietnam and Britain as the areas of concern.

    One band member called the new measures unfair, noting that the World Health Organisation had listed Canada as safe to travel to and as such it was wrong for them and their families to be made to suffer through the new quarantine measures.

    What has some of the musicians especially upset is the fact that there are no quarantine measures in place for tourists.

    “If we are to take our children out of school, shouldn’t the same rules apply to hotel and airport workers who are in contact with Canadian, British and American tourists daily?” questioned band leader Anderson Armstrong.

    Should the band not undertake the tour, it would be the subject of legal action by the promoters of the shows who would be seeking substantial damages.

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    yea i heard bout this... pitiful...

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    How long are these ppl gonna keep this up?: I mean yea it's for their own safety but geesh, look how long it's been since a SARS case was reported, the thing is more or less contained.

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