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Thread: No auction of Peter Tosh guitar

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    No auction for Tosh guitar

    Peter Tosh performing with his M-16 Stratocaster guitar during his last concert in Jamaica at the National Arena in 1983. - Contributed

    The organisers of the Flashpoint Film Festival have cancelled the auction of Peter Tosh's acclaimed Stratocaster M-16 guitar.

    The auction was due to begin yesterday on eBay and continue until December 3, 2006.

    However, a legal claim disputing the current ownership of the guitar has been made, with Tosh's son, Jawara McIntosh, claiming the guitar should remain with the family. Flashpoint, in a release sent to the press, decided that "in the interests of all concerned, it is impractical to proceed with the auction."

    The organisers have also distanced themselves from the current ownership dispute. In the release they said: "While Flashpoint believes the timing of this dispute is unfortunate, Flashpoint has never asserted ownership of the guitar and is therefore not involved in the dispute."

    Flashpoint Film Festival was to facilitate the auction of Peter Tosh's M-16 guitar on behalf of Andrea (Marlene) Brown, Tosh's common-law widow. Part pro-ceeds of the auction were to go to The Cedar Valley Home and the rest would fund a new charity being set up by Brown. The new charity, 'Lilly of the Valley', it is said, would help underprivileged children and the elderly in Jamaica.

    However, Flashpoint organisers in their statement supported efforts to keep the guitar with the family and Jamaica. They said: "It is Flashpoint's opinion that the Steppin Razor guitar should stay in Jamaica and be available to the viewing public. We hope that the family can resolve this issue amicably and that Flashpoint will still be able to showcase the guitar at the festival, December 1-3."

    The 2006 staging of the annual Flashpoint Film Festival is set for Friday, December 1, to Sunday, December 3 at The Caves, Negril.

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    Peter Tosh guitar to be auctioned ?
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