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Thread: National Black AIDS Awareness Day

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    National Black AIDS Awareness Day

    Friday is National Black AIDS Awareness Day so please wear your red ribbons for those who we've lost to HIV/AIDS.

    The reason why I haven't posted in awhile is because I took a position in Brooklyn to educate the Black Community about HIV/AIDS, STDs Hepatitis C and TB. Since I am a Brooklynite and many of you reside in Brooklyn, I thought I would share some valuable information. These are statistics for 2001 conducted by NYC DOH and UHF.

    24% of people living with AIDS (PLWA) in Brooklyn live in Bedford Stuyvesant/Crown Heights area.

    Based on the NYC Dept. of Health (NYC DOH)and the United Hospital Fund (UHF), (zip codes 11212, 11213, 11216, 11221, 11225, 11233, 11238) Bedstuy/Crown Heights, 13% of the adult population has 7,090 (23%) of Brooklyn's diagnosed AIDS cases at the end of June 2001- the largest percentage of all UHF neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

    The majority (40%) have contracted the virus through IV drug use, (14%) of cases are through heterosexual contact, (14%) to men having sex w/men, and (31%) are to unknown risk factors. Of these individuals 63% have already died.

    The Bedstuy/Crown Heights areas AIDS numbers are greeater than the entire state of Lousiana, Mississippi and 30 other states.

    Bedstuy/Crown Heights has the highest AIDS percentage of any neighborhood in the NYC and the largest proportion of reported AIDS cases among African Americans in NYC and nearly half of Brooklyn's AIDS cases.


    32% of women living w/AIDS in NYC are from Brooklyn-the highest percentage in all the boroughs.

    64% of women diagnosed w/AIDS in Brooklyn are Black, 27% are Hispanic and 8% are white.

    50yrs. and OLDER

    In NYC, the number of newly diagnosed people are 50+yrs is 15% compared to the Nations 10%.

    In Brooklyn, 12.4% of adults infected are 50+yrs.


    In Brooklyn, among immigrant PLWA in E.Flatbush/Flatbush and Bedstuy/Crown Height,s 91% are black, 6% Hispanic, 1% white and 1% Asian/Pacific Islander.

    The majority (76%) originated from the Caribbean countries, with 53% having orginated in Haiti. 63% through heterosexual/probable heterosexual transmission and 12% homosexual.

    Documented Immigrants living w/AIDS in NYC in 2002
    Haiti 873 (29%)
    D. Republic 427 (14%)
    Jamaica 240 8%
    Mexico 182 (6%)
    Colombia 175 (6%)
    Cuba 165 (6%)
    TnT 160 (5%)
    Guyana 90 (3%)
    Panama 66 (2%)

    Sorry to dampen everyone's spirit but this is reality. To all of you who are going to Carnival I wish you a safe trip but please, intoxicated or not, protect yourself. These statistics are based on reported cases and there are many people walking around not knowing thier status.

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    Moderators, can you copy this to the "All Yuh Have Real Talk" forum.

    If possible can you make it a sticky tomorrow....

    These statistics are frightening at best....Especially the numbers from the various islands -- and those are only the documented cases...

    Thanks Dredgal -- sorry I won't be able to make the seminar (the fact that Mos Def is going to be there was not taken into consideration) :p

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    in a serious changin time...
    Dredgal & TopClass (allyuh too sweet)....anyways...
    thank you for the awareness

    *very very interesting*

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