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Thread: Most Reliable Network in PC World's 3G Tests

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    Most Reliable Network in PC World's 3G Tests

    A 3G comparison test by PC World found Sprint as the more reliable network over Verizon and AT&T in 13 cities examined by the magazine, providing further support for Sprint's "most dependable 3G network" claim.

    The PC World tests took place in March and April this year in 13 major markets across the country, including Boston, Baltimore, New York, Orlando, Denver, Chicago, San Francisco, New Orleans, Phoenix, Seattle, Portland, San Diego and San Jose. In each location, testers measured download speed, upload speed and reliability. In every market, Sprint bested AT&T for reliability. And, overall, Sprint proved more reliable over Verizon with a strong connection 90.5 percent of the time, according to the results. In Boston, Denver and Seattle, Sprint earned perfect scores - 100 percent reliable in connection tests.

    Sprint's Now Network is not only the most reliable according to the PC World 3G tests, it also was applauded for its speed. In most markets, Sprint was competitive with Verizon and AT&T on download speed and was notably faster with better reliability compared with both competitors in the major West Coast cities of Seattle, San Francisco, Portland and San Diego.

    The PC World results also show that Sprint's commitment to network performance is paying off for the company's customers. Today, according to customers and third-party reports, Sprint's networks have never been better, with these results serving as further confirmation that Sprint operates the nation's most dependable 3G broadband network.1

    In addition, Sprint is leading the way in next generation 4G service. Sprint launched 4G service in Baltimore in late 2008 and expects to launch it in major markets in 2009. 4G will bring the Internet to life for mobile users by offering a faster Internet experience in more cities across the nation than any other wireless service from a national carrier.

    In addition to dependability, Sprint customers enjoy the best value in the industry with a dynamic suite of Everything plans that allow customers to use their phones the way they want without worrying about their wireless bills. For example, Sprint's Simply EverythingSM plan provides unlimited nationwide calling, texting, email, Web browsing, GPS navigation and much more for only $99.99 per month. That's a savings of $1,200 over the course of two years vs. a comparable AT&T iPhone(R) plan.2

    To read the entire PC World survey story, visit A Day in the Life of 3G - PC World
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