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A Georgia man behind one of the top 10 YouTube channels has been found dead. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is investigating the death of 32-year-old Keith Ratliff as a homicide.

Ratliff was mainly behind the scenes in the videos from FPSRussia, but he did occasionally appear in them talking about -- and firing --a high powered gun. The video have been view more than 500 million times on YouTube.

Ratliff also worked for FPS Industries in Franklin County, a company that makes weapons and weapon technology. He was found dead inside the business from a gunshot wound to the head, according to GBI spokesperson John Bankhead.

Levi Fox, a neighbor of Ratliff's, said he couldn't believe that he had been shot to death.

"They'd come over and talk to us and shoot off some guns. We'd both show off a little, show what we had," said Fox.

Fox said that he's a fan of the YouTube videos.

"He just takes really big guns and blows stuff up with them…shoots them and introduces a lot of people to new types of guns," said Fox.

Ratliff leaves behind a wife, Amanda, and a 2-year-old son, Keith.

"It's really heartbreaking, and everything I see, or any kind of memorable thing -- I mean, I just break down," Amanda Ratliff said. "He had such a life to live, and such a good life to live, and things to look forward to."

The GBI won't say if Ratliff's murder is in connected in any way to the gun business or the YouTube videos.