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    Thumbs down MACO Coworkers

    Iím sure thereís one in every bunch. I have a coworker that gets on my LAST nerve! He is always listening in on my conversations with the people in my department when one of them stops by my cubicle. (He works in the cubicle opposite mine) He feel because I'm in Office Management HE should know what we are talking about because as he said "it affects him". WHAT?!? He would ask me questions and even though I give short vague answers (if I feel to answer him) he will try to put words into my mouth. Today he asked me about the girl in HR who just left. I know the REAL reason why she left but he there asking me all kind of questions about why she left, then d me if her last day was Friday, I said yes. So he turned around walked over to one of the coworkers in his department and started on his own speculations. It makes me sick my supervisor will come over for whatever reason, he has to say stuff like "oh, I see you two work well together" what, we're not supposed to?

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