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Thread: Lunar eclipse

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    Lunar eclipse

    There will be a total lunar eclipse on the Thursday 15/ Friday 16 May, 2003.
    This occurs when the earth casts its shadow on the moon in its orbit and
    thus can only occur at full moon. The full eclipse will be visible from

    At first the moon will seem pale and bright, as usual. During the hour that
    follows, however, it will plunge into the darkest part of our planet's
    shadow--a region astronomers call "the umbra." On May 15th the moon will be
    inside the umbra for about 52 minutes, from 11:14 p.m. on Thursday to 12:06
    a.m. Friday morning local time.

    How dark and red the moon appears during that interval depends on what's
    floating in Earth's atmosphere. Dust storms and volcanic eruptions can fill
    the air with particles that redden sunsets and eclipsed moons alike.
    Sometimes the moon is so dark it's nearly invisible. Other times it's a
    lovely shade of bright copper.

    Please note that no special precautions are needed to view the eclipse. Binoculars will be nice.

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