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Thread: This is a long WALK dread!!!!

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    This is a long WALK dread!!!!

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    OVER 16 hours and covering more than 40 miles, walking with only a bag on his back and a cap to shield his head from the sun and rain.

    This was the feat accomplished by Jobe Millington yesterday, as he attempted to bring his wife's plight to the attention of the country's "two most powerful men".

    Millington's mission was clear, deliver two letters-one to Prime Minister Patrick Manning and the other to President George Maxwell Richards-to highlight the "inhumane conditions" being faced by his wife Dinah Charles, who is currently at the Women's Prison at Golden Grove Road, Arouca.

    Millington's walk began outside his Rampanalgas home at seven o'clock Sunday night and ended at the security booth of the President's House, St Ann's, around 11.45 a.m yesterday.

    His footsteps were fuelled by the fact that his children have not seen or heard from their mother in six months.

    Charles, 21, has been incarcerated since she was charged with killing her 17-year-old brother, Kerry Maraj.

    Maraj died after being stabbed once by a family member during a dispute over an extra serving of food at the family's home in Sugar Hill Terrace, Rampanalgas, on February 12.

    Charles, who was three months pregnant at the time, was detained by police the day after Maraj's death.

    At the time, Charles was the mother of three children, Britney, 7, Shalom, 3, and one-year-old Shiloh.

    But on August 3, Charles became a mother for the fourth time when she delivered a baby girl named Sinai Wisdom behind bars.

    After being kept in the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex's paediatric ward for six days for medical examinations, baby Sinai was released to Millington on Saturday. Charles is still in remand.

    As Millington walked, his purpose remained displayed on his heart. "For God's sake set her free" was the placard stapled to his armless vest.

    His only stop along the way was for breakfast in Tunapuna around 8 a.m.

    The next time he stopped was at the gates Manning's Whitehall, Port of Spain, offices around 11.35 a.m. to deliver his first message.

    With the same pace he walked into Whitehall, Millington walked out and continued his determined delivery to nearby President's House.

    "Mission accomplished!" Millington exclaimed to awaiting reporters as he dropped off his final letter.

    Millington said all he really wants is for his wife's matter to finally begin in the Sangre Grande Magistrates' Court.

    Charles is represented by Senior Counsel Rajiv Persad and attorney Marilyn Solomon, but no State prosecutor has been assigned as yet.

    The matter has been adjourned to August 15.
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    he shoulda ketch ah car....Dem ent care bout he or he wife

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    21 with 3 kids (1 who's 7 YO)? When did she have time for school?

    Maybe jail would stop her from getting preggers so often

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    He shoulda get bounce

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