Robbers making Stony Hill suffer

"This area is infested with a whole heap of thieves and we don't even have to try and hide it," Detective Corporal Brenton Armstrong of the Stony Hill Police Station, told the Observer in an interview.

In the latest incident, about 3:00 am Friday, thieves broke into the New Stony Hill Pharmacy, located in Stony Hill Square, through its roof, and made off with more than $200,000.

According to pharmacy owner Levant Cowan, the money was being kept in a safe, which the criminals simply dragged through the entrance of the building.

A twisted grille, a broken lock, a set of white boot prints on Cowan's office door, and track marks from the safe being pulled on the ground, told the tale of the early morning heist.
Can imagine the thugs dem a walk out wid it ... The cops just need fi search every house and hopefully dem still have di safe..

Three months ago, Cowan, two employees, and two customers, were held up at gun point by six crooks -- two of them females -- who demanded that they either hand over their valuables or die.

"About two of them jumped over the prescription counter and held up the pharmacist. I was in here (his office) when I heard one of the workers scream and I went out to investigate," said Cowan, adding that he found himself staring down the barrel of a gun when he opened his office door.

One them then said: 'Glad we don't have to shoot nobody', and told us to give them five minutes to leave the area," he added.

The crooks made off with more than $300,000 in that instance, Cowan said.
"Everybody is feeling it. They robbed Juici Beef about two times, they robbed a dentist last week, a hair dresser about three weeks ago, and it might be more than that," he said.

But police say they are fighting back.

According to Detective Armstrong, two men were arrested last week and items, ranging from toaster ovens and television sets, to construction tools and building material that they believe were stolen, were seized.


No sah ... This serious but dem man yah a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeal thieves