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Thread: Life Altering Experience

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    Life Altering Experience

    Anyone ever have a life-altering experience? I mean a moment or an experience dat makes you realize you will never be the same again?

    Well, I just finished wid such an experience...Cyan even get into de details right now, but it challenges everything that I learned and knew about myself growing up. I have to go call mi fadda bout dat one...

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    RE: flag-o-rama

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    RE: Life Altering Experience

    My major life experience was when a got pregnant, 99.9% of people i know told me to have an abortion because i wasn't ready, because having a baby would distroy my life, because i have so many years ahead and... i called the hospitals at least 4 times to take an appointment for the abortion but i couldn't go. I didn't sound right in my mind to do that and also i was afraid. so i ended up keeping the baby, but 5 months later i went for the ultrasound and i found out that the baby was dead. And really that got me thinking, probably i wasn't ready to have the baby, yes i have all my life to have other kids, yeah there should be other priorities in my life now. I believe that God has his plan for me and the baby wasn't suppose to come now and even if i went with my heart and keep the baby God found a way to fullfil is plan. Now i really understand when my grandparents used to tell not to rush things because God will make it happen when he wants.

    Now i know that it doesn't matter on what i want but on what God wants for me. i still wish that i could have many kids even though this one will always have a special place in my mind.

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