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    Lady Saw

    So, I'm interviewing her on Sunday hopefully and am having a crash course on her. Got a cool article from Caroln Cooper who teaches at UWI and thought these lyrics were appropriated given the walk this Sunday:

    Can't know the right and do the wrong
    (You see weh me a seh)
    This is reaching out to all woman and man
    You see when having sex
    Saw beg you use protection (Safety)

    A condom can save your life (men)
    Use it all with your wife (yes)
    All when she huff and puff
    Tell her without the condom you nah do no wo'k.

    Don't bother play shy - tell the guy
    No bareback ride - no, no, no
    No watch the pretty smile - remember
    Aids will tek you life.

    Them have fe play this one
    This one caan get ban
    I predict this will be my next number one
    Reaching out to teenagers, woman and man
    When having sex use protection
    Dem say one man to one woman
    That nah gwaan again, so take precaution
    It no matter where you live or who you are
    You could be a millionaire or a superstar
    We all are one, come mek we sit down and talk come let us
    When I'm talking don't you dare laugh
    If them say that matey a rebel
    So check yourself before you wreck yourself
    No bother move like Mantel and the gal Sketel
    Safety first and trust go to hell

    Instead of saying if you did know
    Go pick you condom at the corner store
    Nobody's business, the world nah fi know
    No make sake a hard ears you name and face
    Gone pon Oprah talk show.

    How do you feel when you get you banana peel
    The wickedest slam to make you pedal and wheel
    Only to find out that you have aids disease
    You no want know, so get you condom please

    Some critics say that I am a sex machine
    Me no know bout that, this I will reveal
    If my man don't put on him rubbers him nah be able
    Fi tell the Saw thanks.
    When it come to me health, I'm serious
    Take me pap smear, mi usual check-up
    Then, everything fall back in line
    If him nah wear no condom him nah get no bly.

    No make dem fool you
    That when them use it them no feel you
    That nuh true, girls.
    Some wi want bus' it when dem put it on
    So open yu ears and watch what a gwaan.

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    Now i just have to find the CD cause i think my lady Saw repertoire limited to all de lovely "slack" tunes.

    Anything you would ask her? I'm hoping she's still raw and gives us some good poses.

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    Just Tell she that we does be loving she song with Impluse.:)
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    ASK HER ABOUT THAT NEW SONG ON THE BLINK RIDDIM.. i think that is the name.....

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