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Thread: Jack Warner in trouble again! ticket scandal in FIFA

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    Jack Warner in trouble again! ticket scandal in FIFA

    Jack Warner ticket rackets on Ethics Committee agenda - nyheter -

    ZÜRICH (Dagbladet): Today FIFA's Ethics Committee is gathered here in Zürich. On top of their agenda is the ticket deal between Jack Warner and notorious Norwegian black market company Euroteam, which Dagbladet revealed last year, and BBC Panorama featured in their «FIFA's Dirty Secrets» programme.

    Dagbladet is told that FIFA has done an extensive investigation into the Warner case - gathering documentation showing how the Vice president arranged tickets for the very same company, and the very same individuals, FIFA several times have taken to court.

    Huge profit
    Towards the end of 2009 a black market ticket dealer contacted Warner personally.

    He asked Warner if it was possible to get hold of tickets under the table for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The Caribbean Football Union (CFU) ordered tickets for several WC matches, including the final. A receipt for the order was sent to the agent, who passed it on to the black market company. Dagbladet is in possession of the receipt.

    The money was to be paid to a SWIFT account belonging to the CFU.

    Warner's profit is said to be at about 60 percent, with the total deal amounting to about 1,5 million Norwegian kroner, almost 260 000 USD, including the middleman's commission.

    Despite being arranged through one of Warner's most trusted business associates the deal broke down. Euroteam never paid, leaving Warner and his people furious.

    «Mr Warner would be quite upset as he would look as if he ordered and could not pay», it says in an email from Warner's office, sent after the Norwegians refused to pay the agreed fee.

    Eventually, the deal broke down. Warner was humiliated.

    Blatter fed up
    Since 2003 Euroteam has sold tickets for more than 120 million USD. For the 2006 FIFA World Cup alone the company sold tickets worth over 80 million USD - tickets they were never authorised to distribute in the first place.

    The previous time Jack Warner was involved on the black market he was fined with 1 million USD, after being revealed by British reporter Andrew Jennings. But Sepp Blatter's trusted friend kept his place at the FIFA Executive Committee.

    Sources close to Blatter says he's getting increasingly fed up with his unruly Vice president.

    Will things change this time around?

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    He is one fockin tief.

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