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Thread: Ivory Coast More Developed Because it Was Colonized by The French?

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    Ivory Coast More Developed Because it Was Colonized by The French?

    DSP you agree with this man?

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    Quote Originally Posted by optimizm View Post
    DSP you agree with this man?

    I am no expert on this but i can see pro and con in this man's way of thinking,pro being that communities of race who identify with one another be it white,black,yellow or brown who work together towards a common goal can tend to achieve the results they want,while feeling prideful,kind of like when we were segregated,our people had to work 10times as hard but we had each other and each others back.

    The cons being that when white,black,yellow or brown becomes assimilated into the larger communities of race,one tends to take on the mask of the majority and tends to look out for oneself as opposed to the needs of the community,which can and has shown to lead to extreme betrayal,greed,corruption ...etc etc

    Granted certain things have gotten better with society but a lot has been lost also....just my thoughts, would love to hear what imix minds think about this?

    good one opti...

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