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Thread: i'm so glad trinidad doesn't have nice beaches

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    i'm so glad trinidad doesn't have nice beaches

    I went to cancun for spring dumb trini self was giving america a chance and I said,"they must be able to have festivals that aren't based solely on sex", but alas, i was wrong. God made cancun beautiful and then man came in and saw the nice beaches and made it a horribly sinful city for spring break.

    I'm just glad that Trinidad don't have top 10 beaches or as much natural beauty as many other islands. I'm also glad that it's soooooo far south that people get tie up and stop lookin for vacation spots because there are so many other islands before it.

    Be thankful that trinidad doesn't have those miles and miles of hotels, because that's my biggest fear. the people in cancun (tourists i'm talkin bout, big up all dem natives) had no respect for the country, just using it as a place to have sex...horrible...i hope negril ain't as bad, but i ain't gonna go to find out.

    Thank God trini's made festivals that, although lots of sex goes on, the focus is on the music and the culture. I hope it stays that way. Satan strong in cancun man, rel strong.

    roti king, de man wit no bling

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    RE: i'm so glad trinidad doesn't have nice beaches

    Satan goes down to Daytona Beach, Florida as well.
    The same scene that happens in cancun happens there.
    I heard that cancun doesn't have a legal age or limit to drink.
    Guys and girls go to far in the drinking and they get drunk and stupid then as a result things happen. It was on the news the other night that a young man, was hanging off his balcony to jump into the pool below him. He never made it into the pool because he fell to his death (i'm not sure though if alcohol was a factor). My point is that when you're around people your age(feeling pressured to to things)and you drink, you do dumb sh@#t. I also think that the ladies who get touched up on, raped,and so on allow it to happen to them, then they want to turn around and blame the actions on the man.
    Springbreak is a time to remember not a time to forget what happened!!!

    Peace and love to everyone
    P.S. If anyone else has something to add please reply

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