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Thread: Ignorance Iz Ah Bliss

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    Angry Ignorance Iz Ah Bliss

    Ah know all yuh going to say how I too big aní ole to be so surprise at people, but ah cah understand someting. Yuh know me, mih moutí big but ah doh staní fuh slackness. I like to akse question and ah does try to understand people aní how we does move wid one anudda.

    I doh call name eh, so doh sení aní akse me who ah talkiní bout. Hear what happen.

    In de course of doing my business, ah bounce up a lady from de States. She was arranging a radio show having to do wid we Caribbean people. Well I like no better joke, as soon as I hear dat I fly up in front to akse she how she show going aní to see if I could help out. I like my Caribbean too bad aní I like to make sure we get good representation.

    Hear what dis lady turn an' tell me nuh. She say how she doing a show to talk about famous Caribbean women for Womenís History Month but she cah fine too many to talk about.

    Well Boy! Is a good ting my mudda teach she chirren some manners oui, because I nearly fly dong dat lady troat! Ah nearly lambaste she tail! All yuh was going to hear how dey lorse Queen Macoomeh in jail for causing public commotion.

    Dis lady look me in my face and say she cah fine enough Caribbean women to big up! You ever see ting so? But what trouble is dis?

    But is not she alone. Plenty people doh know dat we Caribbean people have talent and skill dat beat back all dem so call big pappy! Dey doh know we does contribute to society as a whole, not only in de Caribbean but all about. Dem feel we home swinging from ah mango tree. Dem feel we ignorant. Dem feel all we women have twenty chirren for twenty-five different man. Dem feel we men only good for one ting. Dem feel all we doin' home is drinking rum and standin' up staring in space.

    Dat kine of ignorance is a crime in dis day aní age! Since I am Queen ah locking up all ignorant people!

    No man ah vex! Ah mean to say, oh gawshe man. How de bloominí France she could be doing a show on we aní doh have proper information on we? Look boy every time I tink about dis foolishness more hair does drop out mih picky head! Mih head like ah flannel ball now!

    De nexí set who does get me real stink is dem who feel it only have tree island in de Caribbean. If yuh akse dem, dey go say, Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad. Sometime dey might add een Bahamas or even St. Croix. Is as if all de rest of my islands gorn out! If yuh tell dem St. Kitts, dey watching you; if yuh say Dominica, dey aksing yuh if yuh mean Dominican Republic.

    Hear nuh man, dis ting have my blood pressure in de roof!

    Now I mihself going to take responsibility too eh. I aní all doh know all we heroes but ah does read, ah does akse question. Ah does tell mih chile all who ah know. De udda day a fella sení mih a long list wid people from de Caribbean who do important tings in history. I remember some of de names but din know certain ting about how much dey do tuh raise we up. Plenty ting surprise me to fine out.

    But I doh like people representing we who doh know one blinking ting about we! Doh make bad skylark wid me. Dat cah happen! Yuh ever watch a movie where dey have ah actor who pretendiní he is a West Indian? Yuh hear dat fakey fakey accent he have? When dey have documentry on TV about us, dey always going behine Papa Gawd back and flimming some ole broko-dong shanty house wid ten pot-hong in de yard. Everybody dey interview have one teet in dey head and ugly like sin.

    Some people doh seem to understaní dat even doh de Caribbean area small, we have all colour and all race in it, not jes Black alone. We runniní we own countries! We does have confusion yes, but is not we who causing a worlí war! I will even go so far as to say more dan half we problem is because of dem blinking foreigners bringin' all dey mirasme and greed in we lil place! We educated, good looking, ambitious and proud.

    Is jealous dey jealous! Aní is de ambitious part what have dem jealous! Doh doubt mih. Look leh me hush now yes before ah start to cuss, yes!
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    Re: Ignorance Iz Ah Bliss

    Originally posted by MISSY
    Look boy every time I tink about dis foolishness more hair does drop out mih picky head! Mih head like ah flannel ball now!

    but what u are saying is so true! ignorance breeds ingorance, so the best thing for you to do is bring this woman up to date , cause she certainly stuck in a time warp. october is black histry month overe here, i am SURE some idiot is going to ask me to comment on life in trinidad, west africa

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