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Thread: If they weren't murderers...

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    If they weren't murderers...

    ....what they woulda be with faces like dat!!!
    (Taped Broadcast)


    South Bureau

    HUNDREDS of people turned up at the Siparia Magistratesí Court yesterday to see Irene Ragbir, the housewife jointly charged with three men for the murder of her husband.

    Police officers had to lock the gates to the courthouse to prevent the crowd from mobbing the four accused. From outside the gates, however, the crowd hurled a constant stream of abuse and obscenities. Several people tried to climb the gates and had to be prodded off.

    Inside the First Magistratesí Court, the defence attorney for Ragbir, 44, accused police investigators of tricking the woman into signing a confession statement with the promise that she would be freed in time to attend her husbandís funeral.

    Her co-accused also showed the court what they claimed was evidence of torture and brutality at the hands of police officers.

    Ragbir, of Antoine Extension Trace, Quarry Village, Siparia, is jointly charged with Edmund Ancil, 28, Ashford Ramdhan, 26, and Bruce Henry, 24, all of Delhi Road, Fyzabad.

    They are accused of killing Kelvin Ragbir, 48, sometime between November 2 and 3.

    Ragbir, a supervisor employed with Petrotrin, was found dead in his garage at around 2 a.m. on November 3. The father of two had been stabbed six times in the neck.

    Accused persons are normally walked from the Siparia Police Station to the court but yesterday, Ragbir and her co-accused were transported in a prison van.

    The men were represented by attorney Ramnarine Soorjansingh.

    Ancil, who limped into court, told Magistrate Lucina Cardenas Ragoonanan that he had been beaten by the police and forced to give a confession statement. He said he was limping because he had been beaten on the right knee and ďit weakening and paining meĒ.

    Ancil removed his vest and showed the magistrate marks on his back which he claimed had been made by cigarettes and lashes inflicted by police officers.

    Bruce made similar allegations, saying that police officers had forced him to say things that he knew nothing about and that he had signed two separate statements.

    Ashton said he, too, was beaten but had signed no statement.

    Magistrate Ragoonanan said the allegations would be noted. She then ordered the prosecution to have the three men taken for treatment.

    Attorney Ramadhar asked the court to note that Ragbir had been refused her right to legal representation when two attorneys went to the Siparia CID last Friday night and were not allowed to see her, until the police had completed their enquires.

    He said Ragbir was not informed of her right to remain silent.

    Ramadhar said Ragbir had been tricked into signing a document, the contents of which he was not allowed to read. He said she woman was told she would be permitted to leave to attend her husbandís funeral.

    The gates to the court remained locked for more than a hour.

    When opened to allow the accused to leave, the crowd chased after the prison vehicle.

    The case was adjourned to November 21.
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