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Thread: If this is the case.....

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    If this is the case.....

    Is best they put a billboard like this up all over the country and let these mothers take over the police job....i really find that I wasn't hearing any news about Laventille off late, I now have the answer.......i hope they can keep it up though, but all it takes is one trigger happy jackass to shatter this lil truce.....

    Another thing too that stands out is, these people know who these gang bangers, leaders and all the criminals are in the community, yet they refuse to cooperate with police, but instead choose to deal with it on their own. Is it me or this is totally wrong sided? Either way, I'm glad that something positive is coming out of Tecia Henry's murder.

    Gangs uphold Tecia Henry order

    By RHONDOR DOWLAT Friday, February 26 2010

    In memory of murdered eight-year-old schoolgirl Tecia Henry, the mothers of Block 8, John John in Laventille have laid down a new order for gangs: respect the lives of children.

    And it seems gangs are obeying their command since there has been a decrease in acts of violence in the community since the brutal strangulation of Tecia on June 17, 2009. Commuters entering and leaving Plaisance Road, John John, Laventille, where Tecia was killed, can hardly miss a huge billboard with her picture on it. The Tecia Henry Community Order is the heading of the edict to gangs to not harm children, the elderly and innocent residents.

    The message states: “Peace among all John John and neighbouring gangs. There must be regular communication among leaders. Leaders, members and residents must be responsible and just. Gang leaders must discipline their own members for the order to live.

    “No child is to be used to do anything illegal or wrong. No child is to be kidnapped, hurt or murdered because of gang warfare. There must be absolutely no disrespecting of the elderly. Innocent residents must never become targets of gang rivalry. No violence against service providers, goods trucks and taxi drivers. There must be no housebreaking whatsoever. Raping is a violation of the Order, and must be dealt with seriously. Absolutely no violence during community activities. No brandishing of guns and injecting of fear into residents or visitors and if a misunderstanding occurs seek third-party help before war. We Live The Order.”

    The billboard was the idea of the mothers of the community who formed the John John and Environs Improvement Organisation (JJEIO), a senior police officer of the Port-of-Spain Division said yesterday. Tecia’s mother Diane is among the women who have taken a stand against gang violence. Since the order was put into effect there has been a significant decrease in gang-related crimes, the officer said, yesterday. However, the officer said the group has been holding church services and inviting all the mothers of gang leaders and members to bring an end to the violence. Tecia’s mother could not be reached for comment

    Tecia was found murdered on June 17, 2009 under a house near to her Block 8, Laventille home at Essex Road, off Cook Street, John John, five days after she went missing. It was reported that Tecia, a standard-four student of St Rose’s Girls’ RC School, disappeared after leaving her home to buy bread for her mother at a parlour just metres away.

    On the day of Tecia’s funeral on June 25, 2009, Roman Catholic priest Fr Clyde Harvey called on mothers to help put a stop to the lawlessness. An active gang member yesterday described the Tecia Henry Community Order as, “The order to follow, no exceptions.”

    He said it was the first time that rival gang members in Laventille have come to an agreement, “This shows respect. All gang members and leaders, don’t matter what gang they belong to, whether they are friends or foes have respect for this order and so far have ensured that the order stands.”

    When asked if other gangs in areas outside of Laventille should follow suit, the gang member said, “I can’t tell other gangs that they should have a community order like ours because really and truly each community has their own orders but what may be different is the content.”
    Source: Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday : :

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    these gang members have no heart much less common sense?

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