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Thread: i just realized that rappers have very low standards for girlfriends

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    Quote Originally Posted by NaturalBornRidah View Post
    What ,do you actually think when the public in America sees you lashing out ,are going to perceive you as a businessman?

    There are people that love to do interviews with Mike Tyson, doesn't mean white America is not repulsed by him.

    So what?How much other rappers are on the news for interviews?

    You dudes make a big deal about nothing.

    Alright what about Dip Set and their Sizzurp drink ,does that make them good business men yet they are lacking money?

    Either way you look it at its an endorsement were he was able to obtain more than the average deal of that nature.
    Donít try to change direction, we were talking about 50 not dipset.. 50 is a business man A SMART business man at that, no drinking no drugs and KNOWS that u have to know your product, the market and the demographic youíre pitching it to.

    Nobody brings up the situation with Floyd when heís on NBC or other BIG name stations pitching products, URBAN radio are the only ones that care about that. .. uíre the only one that doesnít see this

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    @Nasdaq and Oneshot

    I am not going to go on about this any more every one has their opinion,and I am sure there are other people out there who think of 50 as a good business man, I chose to take notes and follow the patterns of others.

    P.S. oneshot I was hinting just cause you have an alcohol deal doesn't mean you are bubbling.

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