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    Red face I am ashamed to say

    i have never been here... but

    Main Ridge Tops the world

    Main Ridge Rain Forest tops the world

    Tobago’s Main Ridge Rain Forest is tops in the world as an Eco-tourism Destination. The World Travel Awards Committee following the polling of 115,000 frontline agents and 80,000 travel agents in over 200 countries voted it as the World’s Number one Eco-tourism Destination 2003.

    The Tobago tourist attraction was selected the number one destination from a field of four finalists that included Murramarang Resort, Australia; British Columbia Great Bear Rainforest, Canada; and Bouma National Heritage Park, Fiji Island.

    Conveying the goods was new THA Director of Tourism Sumant Singh who accepted the award on behalf of the Assembly in New York last week Monday. This was Singh’s first official assignment since assuming the position recently.

    World Travel Awards, established in 1993 is the world’s most comprehensive travel awards ceremony and according to THA Chief Secretary Orville London “it is like the Oscar of travel awards”. Singh who sat in at the weekly post Executive Council media briefing showed off the award to reporters in the conference room of the administrative complex at Calder Hall.

    He explained that the award represented the highest accolade that anyone in the travel industry can aspire to achieve and had become a hallmark of quality that many global travellers looked for when choosing their destination. “To say that you are the winner of a World Travel Award, says you are the Very Best,” he added.

    “These agencies decided whom they thought were the Best of the Best in the industry, and Tobago through its Main Ridge Rain Forest emerged as the winner,” he said.

    Commenting on the achievement, London said he felt very proud and humble since it made “us recognise that we are the owners of the best piece of real estate in the world”.

    He said only last week Tobago was voted the second best destination in the Caribbean by another organisation.
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