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Thread: How many of you dated someone for display

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    How many of you dated someone for display

    Some one that is just good to look at, to be de envy of all cause a fine piece of soup sauce is with u.....

    never again, cause half ah dem gyals does be dumb as a cou cou stick

    i only dealing wid hideous women now cause most women dat look good are de equivalent of chrissy from "threes company"

    strictly 6,7, and 8's for me now. i need a woman with flaws... not one with 2 inches of makeup on her face.... lawd,,,

    or dem feel dey too good to wine,, or dey cyan wine,,,

    so catch me somewhere worshipping macy gray or donna summer or some shite.. i need a subpar chick with 2 pieces ah teet in she gums

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    your crazy, lol

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