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Thread: How To Make Sense Out Of War

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    How To Make Sense Out Of War

    1. we can't. (if you don't understand what that dot means, its PERIOD)

    2. There is no war, the logistics of war has evolved into a chessmatch. no more stand on one side of each other and some fraud yells "lets fight" this isn't brave heart.

    3. There is an obvious hidden agenda.

    a. History clearly states that after a war or any kind there has been an economic boost for the US economy. We struggle during war not after... (see the point people. war has always been over money.)

    4. The world is one big stock market. We broker with another country here,[SAUDI ARABIA] we broker there.[Israel] and we get pissed of at the one country that doesn't want to comply.[Iraq] so we put out commercials and anti -company adds to distract the consumer. [bush's complaint and powells case to the UN] YOU FOLLOW ME?

    5. War is over property, land, religion, This current shite is over status... resources... pull with the other countries for cheaper import and export taxes.

    6. And to people who don't support war talking about terrorist this and terrorist that. and we gonna get attacked more because of this war.... wunna acting like terrorists just get mek......dem been around for years...

    7. The 4th leading cause of death in the world is human error, which can never have an excuse or explanation.

    I can go on but i don't got the rest of my life to waste

    I'm not for or against, i just can see both sides, their angles.
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