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Thread: How long does it take...

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    Originally posted by PhatJamz kiDD
    You are an exception because you have a little one to look after.

    *For best results PJK recommends ironing the night before to maximize sleep time*
    I tried doing that...and to be honest...when morning come, its like me na know if me a go or come...A routine is hard to change. And even on the weekends when I do not have to go to work, I find myself up at 6, but me surely fight hard fu go back to sleep.

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    doesnt take me long at all. cause im one off those people who does everything the night before, so me no hab fo cut me sleep time tarl.

    My alarm goes off 1hr30 mins before the time i have to be at work. but im usually out the door atleast an hour before. So it take me about 25-30 to get ready and all this includes getting dressed, making my bed, doing my hair, get breakfast etc.

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    Re: How long does it take...

    Originally posted by PhatJamz kiDD
    For you to get ready for work in the morning..?! I have two alarms because its a fight every time juss to roll out of the bed. But now i have it down to a science and if the dollar cab GODS work in my favor I can wake up around 7:45 be out the house by 8:15 and reach to work like 8:56..

    I know some female, without kids, have to wake up all 6am just to get to work for 9
    I get up at 4:30 AM, exercise, prepare breakfast/lunch, bathe, dress and I am out the door at 6:00, at work at 6:15 AM.

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    i'll tell u guys when i get off of my vacation on monday... and i am an hour away from work... i goh dead... i ent wake up early in a whilllllllllllllllllllle
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