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Thread: How Do Ppl Get Demselves to Get Fat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystique Blue View Post
    babes,, let me put this easy for u... ur body needs a certain amt of caloric intake daily to sustain itself... if u wake up in the morning and do not have breakfast, how will ur body function??? it's like not putting gas in ur car... that's just dumb... U need to really rephrase and say eating CRAP for breakfast and not working it off will make u gain weight... I eat oats, egg whites, bananas for bfast on a regular day... Sometimes i'd do a subway tuna sandwhich, or just some cereal and fruits.. but u must get at least 200 cals in the morning to jump start ur body... i can open that fat text book i just posted the pic of, and show u the benefits of a complete and balanced bfast... i dont have that time now......

    On a side note,,, i have a great friend who works out with me. Different trainers, but we pretty much do the same aerobic classes everyday... Her trainer told her he doesn't want her taking in extra protein and she doesnt need it, as in shakes or amino acids... I'm like WTF??? Is he a mad man?? Ur body requires 1gram of protein per pound of body weight per day.... if u r body building, ur body needs 1.5 or 2 grams per pound... but non the less, the average person should take in at least 30 grams a day... if u over store ur protein, just as EVERYTHING else, ur body turns it into fat... u dont want that.. that's why it's importanat to keep count and do plenty averaging on a daily basis... Her Trainer needs to stop telling people that.....

    i not reading all that... bout u need this much carbs and crap.

    watever u say
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    Quote Originally Posted by MR.BOOMBASTIC View Post
    i jus cant see how a person can allow demselves to put on so much weight.
    Some people desire more money, some poeple desire more food, et cetera.
    Don't ask me, that's just how the thing set up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by T-MAKAA View Post
    Shutup. I think its time for u to get banned or something.. u getting dry

    fukk off you dumb prick...i think it's time you mysteriously disappear in a well executed abduction

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