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Thread: How Catch A Listener...FLOW 93.5

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    How Catch A Listener...FLOW 93.5

    I have just read the following comments about our newest radio station. Both comments do make a good point, but 93.7 has laid the ground rules as far as how to catch and keep listeners.

    What FLOW 93.5 is doing trying take back the Canadian market of listeners and advertisers. WBLK has has been reaping the benefits of having Canadian listeners and dollers for a very long time. For blacks/west indians living in southern Ontario, WBLK is/was a station that we have adopted as our own, something that we consider a little more high end, "legit" if you will. This is in no way to say we do not cherish our college/university radio stations, but having a station like WBLK is/was the closest thing to having ALL DAY programming tailored to our tastes.

    Now with the emergence of FLOW 93.5, we have the opportunity add a little more flavour to what is heard over the airwaves, which includes reggae, soca, zouk and so on. It is also a bigger opprotunity to keep our dollars north of the border.

    Currently the format for next few weeks on FLOW 93.5 will be commercial free, playing mainly hip hop, r&b, old skool and occassionally reggae. By early next month scheduled programs will be running.

    The reasons for the current format is simple:

    "You catch more fly's with honey, than with vinegar."

    Play what the people want to hear, and add a little "umph" to it.
    Once people catch on to the new station, and the reports on how many listeners FLOW has, then the advertisers will come, because a "ready-to-serve" demographic is now accessible to them.

    A station like FLOW 93.5 might even hold the key for reggae and soca/calypso to get more exposure than ever! Just think; someone searching for KISS 92.5 or the Roger, Rick, and Marilyn show might just happen on to FLOW and like what they hear and want to know a venue they could go to hear more. And soon you start to see faces of people that could be your parents co-worker at a fete, inside Play de Record or Bad Lad buying a tape or cd of an artist they heard on 93.5!

    This type of exposure will not go unnoticed. Soon stores like HMV and Sam the Record Man will have to start ordering more Bunji Garlin and Capleton just to supply the demand. Stores like those have a system called SOUNDSCAN, which monitors how many units are being sold, and that is how people like Britney Spears and Eminem win awards.

    Yes, it seems that two mandates are being met, and the only "harm" being done is that WBLK will fade out of our consciousness, as well as our pre-programmed radio stations in our cars.

    Our time has begun as of Friday February 9, 2001 at 9:35 pm.

    Let us bring our ears, mind and OUR dollars to the table and show the rest of the country and world WE ARE A FORCE TO RECKON WITH.


    P.S. The first song to be played on FLOW 93.5 was Bob Marley's "Reggae Music".

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    RE: How To Catch A Listener...FLOW 93.5

    That's all very interesting...but what was the first Calypso song played on your station??????

    And if YOU (sounding like a politian), feel that calypso won't catch a listener, maybe you need not to focus your attention on 93.7(as a model station) but maybe more to KISS 92.5FM(a very profitable station)...who by the way has already had calypso played on their station!!!!!


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    RE: attn true female soca lovers

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    RE: How To Catch A Listener...FLOW 93.5

    I NEVER once said that soca/calypso could not catch a listners ear. From listening to the station at every opportunity I get, and I have not heard any soca/calypso played yet, which is very disappointing. It's just that the competition is so close, that you have to come out with your guns blazing and extra rounds in your back pocket.

    This station still has to carve out it's spot in the industry, but it has to start with a base. Be it a base that some currently disagree with, but with time it will definatley get better. I personally feel that if a new station is going to come out different, it should be done right away not gradually. FLOW should definately change the current rotation of what is being played to attract listeners, that is the whole premise for the station.

    I am very positive that FLOW 93.5 will be very profitable in the near future.

    So, there is no reason for you to get "vex".

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